Indigenous in Brazil evoke Bolsonaro slogan Never Again | News

More than 7,000 Brazilian indigenous people who participate in the Free Land Camp evoked this Saturday the slogan “Bolsonaro Never Again”, in rejection of the current president’s policies that threaten the environment and indigenous peoples.


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The camps that take place in Brasilia (capital) brings together various indigenous organizations in the country and is cataloged as the largest in the region, where the indigenous ask for respect for their ancestral and territorial roots.

For this edition, which brings together about 176 indigenous peoples, the objective is to firmly oppose extractivism, as well as environmental exploitation in their territories and the controversial Temporary Framework Law, proposed by Bolsonaro, which refuses to demarcate the original territories by restricting their rights. in rural space.

“Our lands are being invaded. Here in Congress, while they decide, our houses, our territory are being invaded,” denounced the indigenous leader, Alessandra Munduruku.

The executive coordinator of the Articulation of the Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (APIB), Sônia Guajajara, accused the far-right president of being the biggest offender in the country by saying that he will not demarcate even one centimeter of the ancestral territories.

At the same time, the APIB participated in the mega-mobilization that took place in the country with several social organizations, where Bolsonaro’s management is rejected, which has been distinguished by discrimination against popular sectors and the terrible handling of the pandemic, which left millions of deaths in Brazil.