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Brazilian indigenous people fear new extermination with possible approval by the plenary session of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) of the thesis of the temporary framework, the main bet of the agribusiness of that country to stop the demarcation of indigenous lands and question territories already delimited.


Supreme Court of Brazil judges temporary framework of indigenous lands

This means that they are expelled from the places they currently occupy if it is not proven that they inhabited them before 1988, when the country's new Constitution was promulgated, and that these lands can be marketed.

This could happen with towns like Tabajara, in the Conde municipality of the State of Bahia. In this sense, Natália Tabajara, leader of a women's group, affirmed that “the schedule is the catastrophe of the indigenous peoples. Both of those who were already fighting before the constitution, and of those who only complained afterwards, through a whole process of silencing, a whole process of exclusion from society”.

For his part, the cacique, Ednaldo Tabajara, declared: “in our silence, the colonels, landowners who come from outside Brazil, begin to take over our territory. Today the weather is very similar, since it is no longer worth cutting our tongues, cutting our necks, cutting off our heads, burning oil and throwing us out of our bodies, burning our houses, now they are legalizing it however they can in Congress National".

In addition to Aldeia Vitória, the Tabajara have two other villages in the municipality: Gramame and Nova Conquista. “In those three towns we managed to group part of our people. Here in the town of Vitória we have twenty-six families. But many of our people are still on the periphery, because we cannot access policies such as housing to be able to bring these populations to our territory”, denounced Natália Tabajara.

Meanwhile, the chief warns. “Without the land there is no differentiated education, there is no differentiated health. Social policy is not enough. So it directly and indirectly affects the communities. Because in a context where you don't have a demarcated territory, we lose an entire social development policy, and we exterminate our people again."

According to official data, native peoples in Brazil occupy 13.7 percent of the national territory, with 610 indigenous lands, of which 487 are delimited. Of this total, the vast majority are located in the Brazilian Amazon, with 329 demarcated areas.

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