Francisco Garfias.

The fact that the organization Article 19 released yesterday was very hard, after the murder, in Culiacán, of the journalist Luis Enrique Ramírez:

The first 40 months of the López Obrador government have been more lethal for the press than those of Felipe Calderón, 26 executions, and Enrique Peña Nieto, 19.

With Ramírez, 59 years old, there are already nine informants killed this year – one every fifteen days – and so far the government of “hugs, not bullets” totals 34.

The debatethe Sinaloa newspaper where the murdered journalist published his column, says that since December 2018, 1,945 attacks on the press have been registered, 33 percent more than with Peña.


The issue is not a priority for the Palace autocrat. The aforementioned newspaper, in a dispatch that went up to its portal yesterday afternoon, noted that AMLO had not ruled on the death of Luis Enrique.

“He has only published events related to his work tour of Central America on his social networks,” he stressed.

That led us to review the president’s twitter account. After seven at night, there were only messages about his visit to Guatemala and El Salvador.

He boasted about his programs “Sowing Life” and “Young People Building the Future”, but not a word of comfort to the family. He zero solidarity with fallen journalists. It seems that the subject is worth mothers.

He announced, yes, that he will double his government’s investment (30 million dollars) in El Salvador, for the two aforementioned programs.

Solidarity with Central America is fine, but here there are many unresolved deficiencies. Those 600 million pesos could well be used to fix schools, buy medicine, fight poverty…


In the world there is alarm about the risks that those who exercise this trade run in Mexico. In terms of press freedom, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) places us in position 143 out of 180 countries. That same organization placed us, last January, as the deadliest country for the practice of journalism.

Last March, a condemnation by the European Parliament of the threats, harassment and murder of journalists in Mexico gave AMLO and his paleros the goosebumps.

The text of the MEPs asked the Mexican authorities for measures to “guarantee the protection and the creation of a safe environment for journalists and human rights defenders”.

“Journalistic work can only be carried out in an environment free from threats, physical, psychological or moral attacks or other acts of intimidation and harassment,” the MEPs warned.

And they demanded that the Mexican government refrain from publishing any communication that could stigmatize human rights defenders and media workers.

By then five journalists were murdered.

Not only was there a deaf ear to the teto approved overwhelmingly by the European Parliament, but a banana reaction that was reflected in a statement prepared by AMLO, with the help of Jesús Ramírez, to the MEPs:

“It is unfortunate that they join like sheep in the reactionary and coup strategy of the corrupt group that opposes the Fourth Transformation…

“Know, European deputies, that Mexico has ceased to be a land of conquest and, as on very few occasions in its history, the libertarian principles of equality and democracy are being asserted. Nobody is repressed here, freedom of expression and the work of journalists are respected.”

At that time, five journalists were counted murdered in 2022. In his increasingly frequent anger, the president came to question himself publicly.

“What does this unfortunate fact that five journalists lose their lives mean? Comparisons are very bad, but to get an idea: in this time, about two and a half months, unfortunately, about five thousand Mexicans have lost their lives and of those five thousand, five journalists, “he minimized.


There is more than a year left for the gubernatorial elections in Coahuila and the grid is already very hot. They tell us that the federal deputy, Jericó Abramo Masso, asks for “open elections” for the election of the PRI candidate.

Jericó has declared to local media that his demand derives from the “charge” that is in the Government Palace to favor the “official candidate” and former mayor of Saltillo, Manolo Jiménez.

“I am the most voted PRI deputy in Mexico. It’s not okay to jump the line. Can’t I have the opportunity to participate with a level floor? ”, He asks himself in each interview.


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