India: Outrageous assault on two women; they were forced to walk naked down the street

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a mob sexually assaulted two women and forced them to walk naked down a street in the eastern Indian state of Manipur, a case that has sparked nationwide outrage after footage of the attack was released.

The video, which began circulating yesterday on social networks, shows two naked women surrounded by dozens of men on a path, some of them armed with sticks, in the northeastern state of Manipur.

The police, who indicated that the incident dates back to May 4, He pointed out that it has not been until now that the videos of what happened have gone viral, which caused a wave of reactions.

So, he said for the time being one of the men involved has been arrestedwhile a case of group rape by several of those present that day is being investigated, according to information from the NDTV television network.

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Manipur's head of government, Biren Singh, said on Twitter that a thorough investigation is currently underway. “We will ensure that strict action is taken against all perpetrators, including the possibility of applying the death penalty. Let it be known, in our society there is no place for heinous acts," Singh said.

The country's prime minister, Narendra Modi, lamented that it is a Incident that 'shams' India and promised that "no culprit will be saved." “I assure the nation that the law will work in full force. What has happened to these two Manipur women cannot be forgotten,” she said two months after the attack took place.

The Supreme Court also expressed its concern in this regard and asked the Government to take action. For now, the authorities have asked all social networks remove the video from their platforms.

President of the Tribunal, DY Chandrachud, said today that the incident is “simply unacceptable” and stated that the court will act “if the Government does not”, according to statements collected by the newspaper Indian Express.

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The two women forced to parade naked belong to the Kuki-Zomi tribal communityaccording to a statement from the Indigenous Tribal Leaders Forum (ITLF).

Manipur is immersed in a growing wave of violence between tribal groups, which has left 142 dead and more than 60,000 displaced since May. The ITLF warned in a statement of the "atrocities" committed against women, especially in the Kangpokpi district.

Ethnic violence erupted on May 3 when a march of mostly Kuki youth, tribes concentrated mostly in mountainous areas, protested against a court request to classify the majority Meitei, who reside in the valley areas of the state, as “tribal”, a status that would allow them to spread out in the mountains and gain access to government posts.

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