Inclusion, the guiding axis in Evelyn Sánchez's politics in BC

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With ten initiatives presented in the Congress of Baja California in favor of senior citizens, indigenous communities, native peoples, girls and boys with limited resources, Congresswoman Evelyn Sánchez Sánchez has proposed to provide a solution to the problems of groups whose rights have been been violated.

One of its most forceful initiatives is to exclude defaulting food debtors from elected public positions, as well as people who have committed political or family violence. In the initiative approved last August, section III and IV were added to section 134 and section VIII and IX to article 146 of the electoral law of the state of Baja Balifornia.

“We are working in line with the principles that President López Obrador and the governor, Marina del Pilar, continue to promote in the population. The Morena deputies work so that any person who has committed acts of political or family violence or is a delinquent food debtor can no longer access public office,” said the Morena legislator.

Evelyn Sánchez counts among her proposals made to the State Congress with initiatives that promote the protection of indigenous groups, native peoples, the elderly, boys and girls, as well as the LGBT community.

“We want our Mexico to continue advancing in every sense and that we all walk together without fear, towards the transformation of our politics,” concluded the legislator.


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