INAI gives recommendations to protect personal data in Acapulco

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The National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI), recommended that the information collected by public servants to address only the hurricane contingency Otismust be eliminated once they have fulfilled their purpose.

The INAI made public a manual of recommendations for public officials and victims to adequately protect personal data of people who register for any social or reconstruction program in Acapulco.

Among the suggestions is that public personnel be duly identified and certified to prevent the information collected from being used for subsequent fraud and extortion.

Likewise, this measure will help avoid risks for its holders such as identity theft, fraud or extortion, or its use for purposes of any other type that diverts the purposes authorized to the holders

The agency pointed out that care must be taken to ensure that the processing of personal data allows people to receive the necessary support according to their situation of vulnerability, reducing risks of corruption and informing society of the destination of their taxes or voluntary contributions.

The recommendations state that the use of the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP) or another unique identifier will only be pertinent when the treatment requires unique identification and assignment, involves scarce goods, or is carried out in compliance with a legal provision.

The suggestions were made by the interdisciplinary working group made up of the INAI, the Citizen Participation Committee of the National Anti-Corruption System, the Executive Secretariat of the National Anti-Corruption System and Mexican Transparency, among other institutions.


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