In their first week, the forums on the electrical reform have been successful and have received maximum publicity: Ignacio Mier


Mexico.- The deputy Ignacio Mier Velazco, coordinator of the Morena Parliamentary Group, celebrated that in this first week of the Open Parliament forums on the electricity reform there has been an intense debate, exchange of ideas for and against the initiative to that it be widely known by all and, finally, with broad criteria, be voted on in the Chamber of Deputies.

“In these forums will be all those who wish to participate, we are not going to deny anyone their right to attend. But the only call is to continue to respect the rules of this debate, as all the participants have done, ”he said in a statement.

The legislator for Puebla expressed that the current model in the electricity market is bleeding the economy of Mexican families and, for this reason, from the Morena Parliamentary Group “we are going to defend the CFE.”

“Those of us who defend the reform are convinced that it is an initiative that is convenient for all Mexicans, because it reverses the robbery that was committed in 2013, when the Federal Electricity Commission was dismantled, an institution that belongs to all citizens of this country,” he stated.

He explained that the current model that prevails in the electricity industry costs Mexicans 490 billion pesos, equivalent to the resources that are granted for two years to the pension for the elderly.

In this sense, Mier Velazco argued that this electrical reform is not against private investment, we just want there to be better rules, a level playing field and guarantees for all investors”.

“Today we see that the privatization model brought nothing more than an unfavorable balance, with which our economy ceased to be among the most important in the world and leaving a debt that is equivalent to at least twice the budget that the Federation has” , said the Morena coordinator.

For this reason, he affirmed that through this initiative the Government of Mexico intends to recover the place that our country deserves among the main economies of the world, since it guarantees a place for the participation of private parties, but in conditions of a level playing field.

Likewise, he celebrated that this debate has the maximum publicity, since it is important to guarantee the right of Mexicans to be informed about the important decisions of the country.

“The first thing the National Regeneration Movement takes into account is the opinion of the people, that is why we carry out informative assemblies throughout the country, because for us the motto ‘With the people everything, without the people nothing’ becomes relevant and it is our starting point for everything that the Fourth Transformation intends to change”, he pointed out.

With information from the Chamber of Deputies

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