In the US, three criminals chase a man home after withdrawing money from the bank

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Mark Gardner experienced a terrifying encounter with violence when three armed individuals ambushed him in the driveway of his home, whose incident lasted only 15 seconds. The family shared surveillance images of the incident with local media in Dallas, Texas, and it spread on social media, an action that Gardner considers crucial to raising awareness about the growing threat residents face.

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"I never thought something like this would happen," Mark shared, visibly shaken by the experience. His family, fearing retaliation, requested that his specific location or address not be revealed. The incident occurred shortly after Gardner and his stepson left a bank and were ambushed. at the hands of the three suspects.

The Dallas Police Department confirmed a police report calling the incident a case of "jugging." In this type of crime, criminals follow people who have left a bank with a significant sum of money and then try to rob them at gunpoint at their next destination.

"Jugging" is a crime that has raised alarm among local authorities and residents. In this case, the incident took place around 1:00 p.m. (local time) on Tuesday (September 19), when three armed men approached Gardner and her stepson.

The threatening words of the suspects echoed in the environment as they attempted to open the doors of the vehicle and banged on the windows in an attempt to gain access inside. The windows of the car were damaged due to blows from the firearms.

Mark, in a moment of urgency, advised his stepson to call his mother and tell her to take refuge in the house. while he himself called the police. The suspects continued their attempt to enter the vehicle while making threats. Fortunately, he and his stepson managed to escape the situation without suffering physical injuries, but the experience has left a deep impression on them. The man hopes that those responsible are identified and face the legal consequences of their actions.

"You may think you're invincible, but if you think you're that tough, wait until you get to prison," Mark warned.

Authorities in North Texas advised people that, if they need to withdraw large amounts of money from the bank, they should hide it before leaving to prevent it from being visible. Additionally, if they suspect someone is following them from the bank, they are urged to call 911 immediately.


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