In the midst of exchange tension, the banks asked the candidates for “responsibility” with their statements

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Facade of the headquarters of Banco Nación Argentina, located a few meters from Casa Rosada

Four associations of public and private banks in Argentina came together in a statement in which they demanded “responsibility” from the presidential candidates in their public statements. “Candidates must avoid making unfounded statements that generate uncertainty in people and volatility about financial variables,” they said.

“Recommending not to renew deposits does nothing other than generate concern in a sector of the population. The race for the Presidency must be based on the skills of ideas and the ability to implement them,” they added.

The document, signed by the Specialized Banking Association (ABE), the Association of Argentine Banks (ADEBA), the Association of Public and Private Banks of the Argentine Republic (ABAPPRA) and the Association of Banks of Argentina (ABA), It arises after the public controversy generated by the statements of Javier Milei, candidate for the Presidency of Libertad Avanza.

In response to a journalistic query about the renewal of fixed terms in pesos, the liberal economist answered: “Never in pesos, never, the peso is the currency issued by the Argentine politician, therefore it cannot be worth anything because that garbage is not even useful for pass".

The statements of the national deputy provoked the reaction of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and other officials who believe that the liberal is fueling a bullfight.

“Beyond the fact that at this point no one disputes the strength of the financial system - with very high levels of capital and liquidity - and its capacity to help the rest of the sectors in the face of internal or external crises, statements such as those referred to generate, unnecessarily, uncertainty and anguish for many people,” the banks stated.

“We urge the candidates to go through the last stretch of the electoral campaign with the responsibility, professionalism and dedication to service that the position to which they aspire requires. It is the best way to strengthen democracy and achieve Argentine well-being,” they added in the statement.

At the time of publishing this note, the free dollar was being sold in the City for $1,035 after an increase at the beginning of the wheel of 90 pesos.

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