In spoils, they point to a wide network; appearance of Néstor Vargas

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Behind the looting that is committed in the country's capital there is an entire network in which organized crime, judges and notaries come together.

Organized crime networks are effectively involved in this crime, as well as public servants, also notaries from Mexico City, not only from outside (the capital). There are some, at least, who could presumably be involved; I could not affirm it with complete force, but presumably there are some involved, and also judges from the Superior Court of Justice,” stated the legal advisor of Mexico City, Néstor Vargas.

Appearing before united commissions of the Mexico City Congressalso recognized that “unfortunately we have not given continuity” to the inter-institutional working group that was created for the issue.

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* In Shakespeare 99, Anzures, Jandreet was despoiled with apocryphal documents, but managed to recover her property.

This is how the official responded to the deputy Carlos Fernández Tinoco, from the Citizen Parliamentary Associationwho asked what actions the Legal Department to stop such crime.

He also pointed out that the Legal Department is “very concerned about this crime” and specified that they have already addressed the issue “both with the College of Notaries, as well as with the president of the Superior Court of Justice and with different instances that participate in a table that "We had in force where the Public Property Registry, the notaries, and the court participated."

Regarding the existing complaints, he stated: “We try to support the people who come to us and in coordination with the Prosecutor's Office we try to assist them.”

* Iztapalapa, Cuauhtémoc, Coyoacán and Tlalpan accounted for 47% of dispossession investigations in FGJ between 2016 and 2021.

In May, Excelsior announced that From January to April 2022, 1,340 complaints were registered in the Prosecutor's Office for dispossession, while in the same period this year there were 1,313; a marginal reduction.

In 2021, this newspaper published the case of Blanca, who bought an apartment in the Fuerte de Loreto unit, in Iztapalapa, in 2001. Nine years later, on July 27, 2020, the woman left her home and when she returned there was already new locks. Men with guns threatened her to get her to leave.

It was one of the 100 cases of dispossession that the Prosecutor's Office was investigating at that time only within that housing unit, according to agency sources.

In December 2021, officials from the Prosecutor's Office and agents of the Secretary of Citizen Security They came to notify those who had illegal possession of ten apartments in that group of apartments.

Blanca recovered her property, but this newspaper has documented dozens of cases in which there is still no happy ending, since the legitimate owners continue fighting for their assets.

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