In Spain they carry out a historic operation against child pornography: 121 detainees

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The Spanish Police arrested 121 people, of whom three were sent to prison, in one of the most important operations in the country against child pornography.

As reported this Saturday by the Police, the detainees are 118 men and three women, in an operation with 125 searches in homes and work centers in which 946 devices with 500 terabytes of pornographic content with minors were seized.

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The seized material is analyzed by the Police, looking for more evidence to identify other victims of sexual abuse. and contacts of the detainees who make up a network of pedophiles, detailed in a statement.

The investigation was initiated by agents of the Central Cybercrime Unit as part of their preventive work in the fight against pedophile networks that share files with child sexual abuse material on the Internet, until they found that those arrested used the same digital platform to share the content. illegal, according to the statement.

One of the arrests, in Madrid, allowed the intervention of a man plus two million files of serious sexual abuse committed on very young girls.

Many of the videos were characterized by the high degree of violence against the victims.

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In one of the searches carried out in Alicante, the agents arrested a man who possessed a large amount of multimedia files containing explicitly sexual images of two minor males. During the analysis of the files, the investigators realized that the material had been recorded inside the arrestee's home.

It should be noted that for two of the detainees carried out in Cáceres, as well as for another of those carried out in Almería, the investigating courts of the open cases determined their entry into prison based on the amount of content located in their possession, one of these arriving detained to an agreement of conformity for five years in prison for a crime of possession and distribution of material of child sexual exploitation.

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