In Slovakia, dog was behind the wheel and speeding; they fine the owner

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Slovak police stopped a dog for speeding as it appeared to be behind the wheel of a car. The peculiar event took place in the town of Šterusy, in the west of the countrys, where a camera caught the brown hunting dog exceeding the speed limit. The officers encountered this curious situation and, in a joking tone, shared details on social networks.

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In a post on Facebook, released on September 29, the Slovak Police commented: “Instead of a photo of the driver, a brown hunting dog smiled beautifully at the camera, obediently sitting behind the wheel of a Škoda and looking through the windshield at the promising young deer." However, In reality, a 31-year-old man was driving the vehicle.

“A 31-year-old man from the Pieš dilany district claimed that he suddenly jumped on his knees. However, the missing footage did not record any sudden movement in the car. The Senice police imposed a block fine on the spot for violating traffic rules,” the Facebook post reads.

The driver was immediately fined for the incident, despite claiming the dog suddenly jumped into his lap while he was driving. According to the police report: "We have ruined the plans [...] and we have put an end to his wandering around the store. An irresponsible driver, who was stopped by a patrol for speeding in the village of Šterusy, finally had something to explain."

The lost images did not record any sudden movement in the car, and the Senice police immediately imposed a block fine for violating traffic rules. The dog was reportedly stopped while he was going 83 km/h in a 50 km/h zone. He was detained just 20 meters from his vehicle.

In the words of the authorities: "Even a small animal can endanger your life and health while driving."


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