In Sinaloa they secure apparent cocaine and glass hidden in

In Sinaloa, they secure apparent cocaine and glass hidden in razors and in wooden furniture

In Sinaloa, members of the National Guard (GN) located apparent cocaine and glass wrappers hidden inside razors, as well as in a wooden piece of furniture.

As part of the strategic actions to prevent the transfer and distribution of narcotics, currency and firearms, national guards, with prior authorization and with the support of a canine pair, entered a courier and parcel company located in the municipality of Culiacán, Sinaloa.

The National Guard personnel randomly selected various packages to be sniffed by the canine specimen, which was located in front of a cardboard box and a wooden piece of furniture, before which it showed a positive sign for the possible presence of some object, money or illicit substance.

Upon inspecting the first package, which was destined for an address in Hermosillo, Sonora, they found two razor machines that concealed packages of a white powder with characteristics typical of the drug known as cocaine.

Meanwhile, the wooden cabinet had a double bottom that hid wrappers with a white and crystalline substance, with characteristics similar to the narcotic known as crystal, which were destined for an address in Puerto Cortés, Honduras.

The probable narcotic was seized and made available to the Federal Public Ministry Agency in the entity, to continue the corresponding investigations, as well as to accurately determine the weight and type of illegal substances.

The National Guard endorses its commitment to the citizenry to eradicate in the country the transfer and distribution of all kinds of substances that affect the health of the population.

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