In Puerto Rico they question the immunity of the electric company | News

The Institute for Competitiveness and Economic Sustainability (ICSE) of Puerto Rico made a request this Wednesday to start an examination process for the immunity granted by administrative means to LUMA Energy, the company in charge of the electricity service on that Caribbean island.


Electricity restored in Puerto Rico after massive blackout

The executive head of ICSE, Esther Cintrón, stated that the contract signed with said company “puts service subscribers and citizens in general in a state of total defenselessness.”

He added that “said immunity represents a broad release of responsibility on the part of LUMA and the Electric Power Authority (PREPA), and avoids the required oversight and accountability for its execution and necessary consequences.”

In this sense, the Puerto Rican director summarizes that immunity prevents consumers from being compensated for any damage caused by the electric company that distributes energy in the country.

Multiple users have reported more power outages in recent months as rates have increased by more than 60 percent compared to last year.

The company received numerous criticisms in early April, when Puerto Rico suffered a massive blackout that sparked numerous protests.

The ICSE has proposed withdrawing immunity since last July. However, the courts have denied the request on the grounds of lack of legitimacy in the request.