In Prince George’s, an app tells where your bus is and when it will arrive at your stop

PGC Connect tells you where your bus is right now and when it will arrive at your stop. To make sure you don’t miss your bus, be at your stop at least two minutes before the estimated stop time.

Please note: Estimated stop times are only available for vehicles arriving within 30 minutes.

Estimated stop times

Please note that delays due to detours, traffic incidents, construction, weather, or equipment issues may affect the accuracy of estimated stop times.

If your vehicle is behind schedule, PGC Connect will adjust estimated stop times accordingly. For example, if your vehicle is estimated to arrive in 10 minutes but is delayed by an incident, the 10-minute estimated stop time will remain the same until the vehicle starts moving again.

In the event that a vehicle stops transmitting data to our servers, it will not appear on this website, even if it is in service.

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