In panties and without a bra, Chiquis Rivera wore a white lace jumpsuit to start Christmas

The Queen bee she is skinny, beautiful and successful. Chiquis Rivera just released his first Christmas song to welcome it and for that She put on a white lace jumpsuit so translucent that it made it clear that she was not wearing a bra but she was wearing a minimal white panties.

Chiquis Rivera in behind the scenes of her video clip “Jingle Bells” for the Chispa application.

Jenni Rivera's daughter wore this sexy outfit white lace to start the Christmas season. He premiered his video “Jingle Bells”, which is the iconic song but in a band music version. Furthermore, all this is because the Spark dating apppartner of Tinderhas chosen her to be his image and ambassador during the holidays.

With sexy moves Chiquis Rivera wasted sensuality and left more than one with their jaws on the ground and drool bouncing. Besides of one piecethe Mexican regional singer and also wore a lined latex suit and a tremendous neckline as the main detail of another velvet jumpsuit.

Chiquis Rivera recording her Christmas video clip for Chispa App, Jingle Bells.
Chiquis Rivera recording her Christmas video clip for Chispa App, Jingle Bells.

The latter resembled a kind of christmas outfit santa but version Queen bee very hot. Chiquis offered an interview to La Opinion and said that she felt very happy about her recent nomination for Latin Grammy 2022. The same that will take place on November 17 in the city of Las Vegas.

Chiquis Rivera in the behind the scenes of her video clip "jingle bells" for the Spark app.
Chiquis Rivera for the Chispa app.

The daughter of Jenni Rivera She assures that she worked very hard to achieve that nomination and that she considers that she has everything to take home the award. She also talked about the new thing that we are going to hear from her shortly. She announced that she still can't tell much, but that there are many topics in other genres and several surprises.

Given this premise, of course, the next question for the interpreter of "Completely" and "AnĂ­mate y VerĂĄs" was if there was any collaboration with one of her friends who are singers of the urban genre, such as Becky G either Carol G. She insisted that she couldn't reveal much, but with the bichota He has always had a friendship and a very beautiful energy. Every time they see each other they give each other a lot of affection and admire each other, so, although she did not say yes, she admitted that she hopes that they will record together in the future.

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