In Michoacán, they destroy a clandestine camp in a mountainous area

In the state of Michoacán, members of the National Guard (GN) in coordination with Mexican Army personnel, located and destroyed a clandestine camp allegedly used by organized crime, where they seized apparent handmade explosive devices, firearms, and cartridges.

When carrying out inspection, verification, security, surveillance and crime prevention patrols in the Peña Colorada town, Aguililla municipality, Michoacán, elements of both institutions were traveling on a dirt road when they had visual contact with a black tarp, held up by poles. which apparently formed a roof.

The elements approached the place to review the area and located useful firearm cartridges, wrappers with green and dry grass with the characteristics of marijuana, clothing and blankets of individuals allegedly belonging to organized crime.

As they continued their tours in the vicinity, they saw two people, who left behind the weapons they were carrying and managed to flee into the undergrowth.

The members of the institutions deployed a search and location operation in order to locate the unknown persons, without positive results. In the area they found two long weapons, eight magazines, approximately 117 useful cartridges and a tactical vest, as well as four apparent homemade explosives.

The tarpaulins, blankets and other objects were destroyed by the labor and incineration method; Meanwhile, the war material was made available at the Federal Public Ministry Agency in the state, to continue the corresponding investigations.

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