In Madrid a driver runs over cyclists marching in favor of Palestine

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Last night in Madrid, Spain, a car ran over a group of cyclists who were in favor of Palestine in the armed conflict it is fighting against Israel. The video circulating on networks shows the exact moment when the car hits to several of those present.

The athletes were carrying out their monthly "bike-critical" march, which advocates for the allocation of more public spaces for bicycles, and which on this occasion had a protest nature in favor of Palestine.

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In the video you can see that the gray car arrives at the scene and tries to overtake the cyclists. Unable to do so, and receiving numerous complaints, the driver accelerates, hitting several of those present who end up falling to the ground.

The civil protection authorities received an alert from the participants of the bicycle march and moved to the place, whereThey treated five people with minor bruisesfour of whom were discharged, while a fifth person had to be transferred to the Nuestra Señora de la Concepción Hospital.

Driver on the run

As seen in the video, at first the driver fled - which is why he impacted more cyclists - but later he turned himself in at the Hortaleza police station of the Madrid Municipal Police, where he is being investigated for an alleged crime against road safety, although he has not been arrested, according to police sources.

The driver was subjected to a breathalyzer test at police stations, which came back negative. In addition, he filed a complaint alleging that the cyclists attacked him and his partner, in addition to hitting his vehicle.

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Police authorities reported that The suspect denied that the attack was due to the support that the protesters showed for Palestine.

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