In Los Angeles, California, Claudia Sheinbaum guarantees migrants “access to all rights”

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From Los Angeles, California, and against Morena militants in the United States, Claudia Sheinbaum, National Coordinator for the Defense of the Transformation, assured that, for the 4T, one of the main objectives “It will be to guarantee that all Mexicans, no matter where they are in the world, have access to all rights.”

''We fight so that no Mexican has the need to migrate to the United States to have a dignified life, we fight so that Mexicans in the United States also have all the rights''he asserted.

By leading a meeting with Mexicans abroad, who packed the Million Dollar theater in Los Angeles, Sheinabum Pardo He stressed that, to ensure that all the people of Mexico enjoy a dignified life It is vital to work as a unit.

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In particular, he said, “It is essential to continue adding more Mexicans to the transformative movement.”

"Our movement always calls for unity and here we need everyone, let it be their decision, we are not going to tell anyone that they are outside our movement, that is the generosity of Morena, that is what it is about, being united , organized, mobilized and to add more Mexicans'', he added.

In that sense, Sheinbaum pointed out that, from Morena, Mexico has been able to be in one of its best momentswith actions such as the fight against the “great evils” such as corruption and inequality, combined with the construction of new universities and the provision of social support.

"Mexico had a reputation for corruption and machismo, well, Mexico is changing because Mexico is building honesty in the government and Mexico is now going to be written with 'M' as a woman."he concluded.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mario Delgado, national president of Morena, highlighted that the participation of migrants is fundamental for the Transformation, which is why he asked to heed the call for unity.

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"Let nothing and no one divide us, no border can divide these Mexican people."he pointed out.

At the event, which was also attended Gerardo Hernández Noronacoordinator of spokespersons and links with civil and social organizations, the migrant and activist originally from Oaxaca, Octavia Hernández, commented that It was thanks to the 4T that emigrants are now seen as an essential part of Mexico's growth.

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