In Jerusalem, the situation is calm: Mexican stranded by Hamas

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Franco Soria is a Mexican who claims to have traveled with his wife and three children to Israel in tourist plan and now they seek to leave as soon as possible after the Hamas attacksbecause they fear that the situation could escalate.

We were having breakfast when the alarms started ringing here in JerusalemObviously we had never experienced that, after the alarms we began to hear distant impacts. We did not know specifically what they were referring to, they informed us that it was probably fireworks, but later the alarms and impacts increased, when we went out to see we saw the lines of the rockets in the sky and how they were intercepted above us," Franco said. in interview for MILLENNIUM about how the conflict in Israel began.

The Mexicanfrom Irapuato, Guanajuato, assured that, at the time of the telephone interview, The situation in Jerusalem is “quite calm, Although distant impacts are suddenly heard, we are relatively calm.”

“The streets feel empty (…) and people feel afraid, they don't go out, it's the only thing, but the city really functions normally, there is the food, it is relatively normal,” he noted.

Soria pointed out that At the beginning of the conflict it was “a little difficult” to contact the Mexican authorities;

“We have had contact with the ambassador (Mauricio Escanero), but we have not been able to... he has answered us kindly, but we have not been able to find a topic to come out sooner (sic).”

“Our fear is that it could escalate and we will no longer be able to leave,” he said.

According to Soria, The Mexican ambassador told them that he would look for ways for them to leave Israel soon; “We are waiting for your support, you have responded to our messages and are promising to find a solution.”

“Hopefully the authorities can support us. Today 50 Sinaloans leave, they had the support of their state government, we have not been able to request support from our state."

Soria and his family planned to leave the country on October 8; however, The Spanish airline they travel with canceled the flight and rescheduled it for the 16th of this month.

The Mexican and his family are staying in an Airbnb and highlights the support of those who manage the place by not charging them for the extra time of their stay.

“(The people who rented to us) have been wonderful, many Jewish people with big hearts, they have allowed us to stay in the home for free and have explained to us that there is a shelter downstairs.”

Minutes after the interview ended, Soria maintained that the sirens were heard again in Jerusalem.

"You can hear the alarm nearby and the explosions are quite loud, I suppose they did fall to the ground," he said by WhatsApp message.


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