In Donceles, crude “negotiation”…

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They deny support to Acapulco, but not to Pemex... that's how it will be!

Now, believe it if you like or simply ignore it, but there are more and more versions according to which, given the (almost) certainty that the requested ratification of the unpresentable Ernestina Godoy for one more period at the head of the capital's prosecutor's office, it will be rejected as soon as it is brought to the plenary session of the local Congress, in Donceles, since quite a few operators at the highest government level have begun to try to convince PRI members related to the local leader. Israel Betanzos to vote against the (supposed) “line” drawn by Alexander A(m)lito Dark

This, in itself, seems logical and even appropriate in that the vote is personal and the lopezobradorism knows that it requires a qualified majority to move forward with the matter promoted by the ex-regent eco Claudia Sheinbaumit does not seem to be so when the request for support – to a third of legislators of the tricolor– It would be taking place under the protection of the promise to manage the freedom of the former leader of the capital's PRI Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez de la Torrenow imprisoned after being accused of human trafficking in the form of sexual exploitation.

This, apart from efforts made by supposed envoys from the former Palace of the City Council, who, in an extremely obvious manner, seek to exhibit the “great interest” that the questioned substitute head of Government has, Marti Batresfor taking forward an issue in which at another time he showed little interest, given the impact that it could have on the bid for the candidacy of Morena and his (parasites) allies to Mexico City fight the morenoism more radical represented by Clara Brugada to which that one belongs, and the “careerist” Omar García Harfuch

Needless to say, although at some point versions such as the one mentioned drew attention and worried members (proAlito) of the PRI bench that coordinates Ernesto Alarconthey were discarded after remembering how in the past, faced with a similar critical situation, legislators from the ruling party and “government envoys” offered to advance along the aforementioned route and, due to inability or indolence, they simply did not comply!

Let's wait to see how a matter evolves and is resolved that from the beginning was questioned by "victims" of the prosecutor who, it is worth remembering, have not yet wanted to be heard by those directly involved in the ratification process...


* As soon as activities are reactivated after the “holiday of the dead,” the UNAM Governing Board will go into permanent session to try to elect the new rector between Monday and Wednesday given that, they reveal, the bidding is now only between two: the director of the Law School, Raul Contrerasand the questioned acting general secretary, Leonardo Lomeli. Earrings…

* Members of the Cruz Azul cooperative, the largest in Latin America, celebrated the 92nd anniversary of its founding, remembering its 192 founders and those who in 2015 prevented its privatization and sale. The events were led by Victor Manuel Velazquez and Antonio Marinpresidents of the Administration and the Supervisory Board…

Let's meet here tomorrow with another matter Political in nature.

Enrique Aranda
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