In defense of the SCOP Center: They question demolitions without a project

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The architects and academics Esther Muñoz Pérez and María Rocío Rosales Alvar, members of the initiative In Defense of the SCOP Centerexpressed their concern about the work carried out in recent days in the artistic complex of the Narvarte neighborhood, because the demolition of body C, where the auditorium is located, had begun, which would be preserved, since it had no structural damage .

It had been assumed that the auditorium (located on Av. the reasons why it is being demolished, we cannot go any further,” he acknowledged to Excelsior Muñoz Pérez.

For this reason, “we ask to be told what is happening, because both the INBAL and the SICT have given us many versions and they do not speak to us clearly,” he questioned.

And he added: “As citizens, we want them to tell us what they are going to do and why they are making those decisions, why they are demolishing our history without any studies or project.

We want clarity. Obviously (the SICT) has the argument of the land problem, but the terrible thing is that all this is being done without having the project, as we expressed in our letter-manifesto (last October 6); We consider that there is a lot of opacity,” warned Muñoz Pérez.

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For her part, Rocío Rosales explained that the group does not disagree with demolition work being carried out, as long as there is a structural opinion that explains the reasons.

By simple logic, how is it possible to start demolishing and not carry out studies until later? Why am I going to demolish (buildings) if the conditions to decide are not known,” he explained.

In addition to this, Rosales recalled that the group has engineers, architects and urban planners who have not been considered.

In one of the first meetings we had with the SICT, they told us that the SCOP Center tower would be rescued for the SICT offices, and then Javier González Garza, SICT liaison, told us that all the studies had already been done and that it was possible to rescue her.

I asked him why, just as the studies were done for the Tower, they were not done to know if body C could remain standing, but he told us that there is an insurance of 800 million pesos that requires the total demolition or if not, the building will not be carried out. payment, but we put on the table what those 800 million pesos mean against the total cost of the work,” he noted.

Finally, Jesús Vega, also a member of the initiative, acknowledged that “it is a very critical moment,” despite the declaration as an artistic monument, so they will appeal to the authorities to the extent possible.

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