In Chile, man stabs his brother for allegedly abusing his wife

In Chile, man stabs his brother for allegedly abusing his
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A man was arrested after stabbing his brother with more than 40 stab wounds in the middle of the street in San José de La Mariquina, in the southern region of Los Ríos (located 800 kilometers from Santiago de Chile). The brutal assault was captured on video by a witness and has left the community shocked.

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The Chilean Minister of the Interior, Carolina Tohá, who was visiting the area at the time, confirmed that the tragic event was triggered by a family dispute. The motive behind this violent attack was reportedly the victim's alleged previous sexual assault towards the aggressor's partner.

The cold-blooded crime took place in broad daylight and on a public road, leaving the neighbors who witnessed the act stunned. The shocking attack was recorded in videos that quickly spread through social networks. In the images, the aggressor is seen repeatedly stabbing his brother, shouting: "Nobody shits on me!"

The witnesses, dismayed, begged for mercy: "Stop, gentleman, please!", "I'm recording you, stop!" However, the aggressor, apparently mad, continued attacking, even cutting the victim's neck and continuing to stab him in the heart.

The Investigative Police intervened at the crime scene, confirming that the body had multiple wounds inflicted with a sharp weapon. Commissioner Ricardo Cabrini of the Valdivia Homicide Brigade reported that detectives recovered the weapon used in the homicide.

During the formalization hearing, The Prosecutor's Office highlighted that the homicide was carried out with treachery and cruelty, since the victim received a total of 43 stab wounds in various parts of his body. As detailed, the tragic incident occurred at the intersection of Lord Cochrane and Las Herraduras streets in the Mariquina commune, after the aggressor chased his brother after an argument over previous conflicts.

At the hearing to formalize charges for qualified homicide, the Mariquina Guarantee Court ordered preventive detention for the accused, considering that his release would represent a danger to the security of society. The Prosecutor's Office will have 150 days to carry out the investigation of this unfortunate event.


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