In Chicago, thieves attack a man and throw him to the ground to steal his backpack

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A fist attack against a man recorded in broad daylight on a Chicago street has been the example of a series of crimes that have shaken the 'windy city'. The incident occurred last Monday (September 25) in the Bucktown section of the city's north-central area.

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The video begins with two attackers loitering in an alley. At 2:55 p.m. (local time), the victim, a 33-year-old man, walks past them nonchalantly while enjoying a slice of pizza. Suddenly, one of the attackers ambushes the man, throwing him against a chain-link fence.

Despite being outnumbered and in the middle of the ambush, the victim bravely defends himself, urging the aggressors to stop: "Get away from me!" he shouts at them repeatedly. Finally, she manages to knock down one of the attackers near some trash cans.. At that moment, the other attacker intervenes and orders them to leave him alone.

As they walk down the alley, the attackers flee with the victim's backpack and what appears to be a phone. A witness who was in a car across the street attempted to intervene, repeatedly honking the horn in an effort to scare the attackers, but they continued the assault. The witness remained with the victim until authorities arrived. Fortunately, the victim suffered bruising but appeared to be physically okay.

So far, Chicago police have not made any arrests in connection with this incident.

Statistics from the Chicago Police Department reveal that robberies in the Bucktown neighborhood have increased nearly 100 percent since 2019 and 53 percent since 2022. Mayor Brandon Johnson has come under fire from local representatives due to their apparent lack of understanding about the seriousness of crime in the area.


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