In broad daylight they finish off Chile's 'narco influencer' with seven shots

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A shocking murder has occurred on the streets of Santiago de Chile that has shocked the social media community. Sabrina Durán, known as "Narco Queen" on TikTok, was intercepted by a group of men while she was on her way to a beauty salonand tragically lost his life on October 24.

Sabrina Durán, known to her followers as 'Ina, the narco queen', was under house arrest due to charges related to drug trafficking. The influencer was murdered in broad daylight and in full view of passersby in a commune in Santiago. Chilean police confirmed that the 24-year-old girl was shot seven times at point-blank range.

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Although Chilean authorities have not provided details about the incident, much speculation points to a possible "settling of scores" due to his leadership in a drug gang and his criminal record.

Subsequently, Durán's personal vehicle was found in Quilicura, completely on firewhich increases concern around the case.

Why was he free?

In 2022, Selena Durán faced charges such as leader of a criminal group and was sentenced to three years in prison. During his imprisonment, he attempted to escape by jumping out of a window from the third floor of the penitentiary, in the midst of an inmate escape that was ultimately thwarted by authorities.

In September, he was granted parole, allowing him to serve his sentence from home. After his release, he continued uploading videos to his TikTok account, in which he became very popular while he was in prison.

@katrinagusman antonella marchant #todotienesutiempo #freedom #nadaeseterno Lollipop - Darell

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On her Tiktok account, Duran shared her lifestyle with her 400,000 followers, mainly promoting beauty products and doing dances to entertain her fans.

The death of the "Narco Queen" remains under investigation.

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