In Australia, helicopters make crocodiles mate

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News presenter Sarah Harris took a moment to apologize to her bosses at Network Ten in Australia during last Tuesday's broadcast because they discovered that the sound of helicopter propellers was 'lewd'. to the crocodiles.

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The panel was discussing the news that male crocodiles in Queensland “are being driven into a mating frenzy by the sound and vibrations of helicopters flying overhead”. According to John Lever, the owner of a crocodile farm in the state, the mating season—in the southern spring—started early this year because the military accidentally provoked the crocodiles with helicopter noise.

“That's right, helicopters are making crocodiles horny. No, easy way to say that," the host said. Experts aren't sure why, But they think the helicopter may have sounded like a storm, which can often make reptiles horny.”

This unexpected statement left her co-stars speechless, who questioned how experts can tell if crocodiles are "excited." The presenter did not stop there and continued with her daring confession. "I've been doing a little research," she admitted with a laugh, heading straight into the camera to talk to the channel's bosses. One of the panelists, in an attempt to diffuse the situation, joked: "Nice headline, Sarah."

But the presenter's confession did not end there. With a playful expression, she imitated the sound that "horny crocodiles" make, banging the table repeatedly to illustrate the noise. Another panelist chimed in, explaining that the thuds are what experts believe helicopters are, while another on set asked with a laugh, "What would male human noise sound like?"

This bold confession from Harris about horny crocodiles sparked laughter and amazement in the studio, creating an unforgettable moment on the show. The owner of a crocodile farm, the farmer had previously revealed that Chinook helicopters had driven his crocodiles into a mating frenzy.

"All the big males stood up and roared and bellowed at the sky, and then, when the helicopters left, about 3,000 crocodiles mated like crazy," he revealed, attributing this behavior to the sonic waves that really excite the reptiles.

The unusual episode of "The Project" has left viewers both surprised and entertained, quickly becoming the topic of the moment on social media and generating a viral uproar online.


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