In Apatzingán they will celebrate October festivities despite previous violence

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Despite the crime attacks with explosive drones in Apatzingan, Michoacán, the traditional October festivities will not be suspended. The most violent municipality in the state will celebrate the 209th anniversary of the Constitution of 1814 from October 14 to 29.

Francisco García Amezcua, Secretary of Economic Development of said municipality confirmed that the police corporations already have a security operation deployed in the area. The public servant said that they expect a attendance of more than 300 thousand people and that the security conditions are in place for the event to take place.

Furthermore, he reported that all the invited artists, including Lalo Mora, Paquita la del Barrio, Virlán García and others, confirmed attendance given the security guarantee to make their presentation in the Tierra Caliente region.

Just a few weeks ago, the lemon industry paralyzed all operations due to extortion by criminals. It was necessary to protect lemon packaging and orchards, as well as strategic highway points with elements of the Civil Guard, National Guard, Mexican Army and auxiliary police to reactivate the industry.

In that violent area of ​​Michoacán, the municipal authorities assure that Apatzingán is not just a "red note", which is why its annual fair continues.

Francisco García did not give details regarding what the security operation will be like, however he made it clear that the Secretary of National Defense Through the Mexican Army, National Guard, Civil Guard and local police, they will implement prevention and surveillance measures so that the festivities take place in peace and in a family atmosphere.

In relation to the attacks with explosive drones in Apatzingán against the civilian population, the public servant expressed that: "we know about this new type of crime, and the police corporations must contemplate it."


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