In 2023, FDI will exceed $40 billion; CCE

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Given the behavior that Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico is registering this year, Francisco Cervantes Díaz, president of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) pointed out that the estimate is that it will exceed 40 billion dollars at the end of the year. During his participation in the Amafore 2023 Meeting, the president explained that during the first six months of the year the country received almost 29 billion dollars, compared to 30 billion dollars. He highlighted that they are holding conversations with Germany, France, with their counterparts, but also with governments to try to give the reasons why they should invest in Mexico. “The country has very important geographical and logistical conditions, but another of them is labor competitiveness and energy issues,” he commented. Cervantes explained that only natural gas is cheaper in Mexico than in Europe, which due to the war conflict that the energy sector is going through is higher, between 25 and 45 dollars. “Making a product in Mexico today is much cheaper. than doing it in another part of the world,” he added. He highlighted that there are very important opportunities that they are already taking advantage of, “one that I like to boast about a lot, the northern border of the country with its 3,156 kilometers, if it were a country made up of four American states and five on the side of Mexico, it would be the third economy of the world.”He added that in the manufacturing and industrial sector, the country occupies the number seven position worldwide in manufacturing, as well as the tertiary sector, which is commerce and tourism. “Today in the automotive sector, without having a car brand, we are also the fourth largest exporter. “We are an important player in the entire automotive ecosystem, just like in aerospace or aeronautics, we are the number nine country in the manufacture of aircraft parts,” he highlighted. “Mexico is becoming one of the engines of the world,” he concluded.

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