In 1980 there was a plot in the US to kill Elizabeth II: FBI

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The FBI revealed a possible death threat against Queen Elizabeth II occurred 40 years ago, during his trip to the United States in 1983.

According to documents recently published by the Federal Bureau of Investigationthe US agency helped ensure the monarch's safety during her visits to US soil.

The 103-page report details that one month before Isabel's visit in 1983San Francisco police received a call warning them that a man would try to harm the British queen from the Royal.

"I would try to kill Queen Elizabeth by throwing an object while visiting Yosemite National Park“, the document reads.

Queen Elizabeth with Ronald Reagan during a ceremony in honor of his visit to the West Coast of the United States | Photo: Reuters

The supposed reason why this man wanted to kill Elizabeth II was because her daughter had been murdered in Northern Ireland.

The same document indicates that the Secret Service would close the walkways of the Golden Gate Bridge when the yacht in which the queen would be transported approaches.

There is no mention of precautions that could have been taken in the national park or the files reveal whether any arrests were made.

The 102-page cache was uploaded to Vault, the FBI information website, on Monday, May 22, after a Freedom of Information Act request presented by the US media.

Many of the late Queen's state visits to the US, including the 1983 visit to the West Coast, came during heightened tensions amid the Northern Ireland Troubles.

Photo: Reuters

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