IMSS specialists remove giant tumor from a 60-year-old woman in Guanajuato

IMSS specialists remove giant tumor from a 60 year old woman in
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In a six-hour surgery, specialists from the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) assigned to the General Zone Hospital (HGZ) number 21 of León, Guanajuato, They successfully removed a 21-kilogram ovarian tumor from Mrs. Hilda “N”, 60 years old, a housewife and mother of three women and two men, who enjoys traveling by motorcycle. All the resources of personnel and medical equipment required for the case, which are available in the hospital, were used for the benefit of the entitled population.

The patient came to the clinic for the first time due to a pelvic tumor, for which she underwent imaging and laboratory studies due to the suspicion of a malignant entity as ovarian cancer was one of the main causes. The necessary tests were performed, determining that it was an ovarian-dependent tumor and with low suspicion of malignancy,” said Dr. Daniel Alejandro Cantú Pedroza, oncologist surgeon at the hospital.

He indicated that among the causes of tumors are age, obesity, smoking and lack of physical activity mainly, but specifically for ovarian tumors they are hormonal alterations in women. These lesions do not cause symptoms at the beginning, but they grow gradually until they generate intestinal obstruction, alterations in evacuation transit or problems with good digestion.

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For his part, Dr. Arturo Reyes Hernández, head of Surgery at HGZ No. 21, explained that since he became aware of Mrs. Hilda's case, an impressive machinery has moved, from medical assistants, laboratory, stretcher bearers, Nursing, radiologists and different specialists, who each do their job to carry out this type of procedures and reach the diagnosis and subsequently a thorough surgical intervention, necessary for this type of pathologies.

The head of Surgery reported that the patient underwent very specialized tumor markers in the laboratory, tomography with contrast media in X-rays, analysis by Anesthesiology, among many other actions.

The case was followed up on time to ensure that the patient was in the best conditions to perform the surgery, based on all established care and guidelines. The beneficiary Hilda could no longer sleep or eat properly; the tumor could have even grown larger and caused greater damage, affecting her quality of life even more.

The IMSS specialist said that the initial prognosis, according to the tumor markers and tomography scans, was uncertain, since large blood vessels were involved in the tumor because it compressed the aorta and great care had to be taken with the dissection.

Dr. Gerardo Barajas, head of the hospital's Operating Rooms and Anesthesiology, highlighted that the patient had significant pulmonary hemodynamic compromise, so if she had not received adequate and timely care she was at risk of death, but in the hospital, even though she was second level of care, the process was successfully completed for the good of Mrs. Hilda.

I felt suffocated and couldn't go to the bathroom properly. They did all my tests and at first they told me I had fluid, but then they saw that it was a tumor. I never imagined it was so big, I thought it was just liquid when I couldn't walk well or I was very agitated, I couldn't ride a motorcycle anymore," Mrs. Hilda said.

She shared: “I am much calmer because before I also had very strong pain that took me to the emergency room. The attention has been very good, everyone was very kind, they treated me very well, they were aware of everything that happened to me, they checked on me. They are very wise in this, they serve very well. “I would like to thank everyone in person because they took good care of me.”

Thanks to the fact that the Institute has all the necessary resources, infrastructure and great specialists for these conditions, the patient is currently being monitored to establish if she requires any specific treatment, according to the result of the tumor pathology, but in relation to the surgical subject will have a very good quality of life and will be able to return to their daily activities.


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