IMSS reinforces family planning with more than 2 thousand vasectomies


The Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) carries out from June 16 to 19 the National Day of Vasectomies, in which it is planned to carry out 2 thousand 960 procedures throughout the country and thereby strengthen family planning.

In the framework of Father’s daywhich is commemorated tomorrow, June 19, the Institute organizes the National Day of vasectomies, with the participation of the 35 Decentralized Administrative Operation Bodies (OOAD), and in which both the entitled population and the population in general are attended, with the participation of 117 certified doctors.

In 2020, the Institute performed 5,789 no-scalpel vasectomies throughout the country in times of pandemic, while in 2021 a total of 17,826 procedures were performed; For this year, cut to April, 5,400 procedures have been performed.

Currently, the IMSS has the National Vasectomy Training Center, located in the Family Medicine Unit (UMF) 77, in San Agustín, Ecatepec, where not only is this procedure performed, but it is also the only center where it is performed. conducts the certification of physicians nationwide.

“We are a certified and training unit for all doctors, since 2019 we have had this campaign,” said Dr. Alejandro García López, head of the Clinical and Family Planning Department of UMF 77.

The unit has certified medical and social work personnel to provide care, train, perform and certify vasectomy techniques: there are a total of 4 certifying medical professors and there is a multidisciplinary team that also includes nursing staff. and psychology.

Care is given to beneficiaries and non-beneficiaries free of charge, in addition, the population that is attended is even from other neighboring states and without the need to make an appointment they are attended.

“This is a service open to the entire population, they come with social work, they can come with the doctor; If someone wants to have a vasectomy today, they can go with us and at that time they are given information about the procedure and all the alternatives, so that if they agree and with prior informed consent, it is done and go ahead,” he stressed. Doctor Garcia Lopez.

Abner is 40 years old and on June 16 he went from Ciudad Cuauhtémoc, State of Mexico, together with his wife, to undergo the procedure at UMF No. 77, as an act of responsibility, since he no longer wants any more children.

“The importance is your family, taking care of it, is not having children for having them, but planning. If you have a ceiling to say, I already have these children, until there; Logically, perhaps the woman can take care of herself, but also one as a man has the responsibility, because we are a couple, ”said the patient, who is a public transport driver and has four children.

After his intervention, which lasted about half an hour, the patient reported feeling fine, without discomfort and was able to walk on his own; The instructions for him were to take antibiotics and analgesics for five days, attend a medical evaluation appointment in a week and not have sexual relations without a contraceptive method, until a spermatobioscopy study is performed to verify that there are no sperm.

“I feel good, without pain, without anything. It is the fear that one has as a man who thinks it hurts, but no, normal, calm down, ”she commented.

Dr. Alejandro Rivera Téllez, supervising physician of Family Medicine at UMF 77, pointed out that there are usually no complications with the procedure and in general it is only required that the patient immediately ice the area, rest for three days, without making efforts and avoiding the intake of alcoholic beverages, following medical indications.

With these days, the Institute seeks to promote responsible parenthood through a safe, permanent and free method, aimed at people over 18 years of age and that does not require hospitalization.

“The importance of these days is to expand the active participation of men at the national level, so that they become aware of the shared responsibility in sexual and reproductive health with women and as a couple,” said Dr. Eugenia V. Ley Alfonso, coordinator of medical programs of the Family Planning Area of ​​the Institute.

To have a vasectomy, men can go to one of the 254 Modules of Attention to the Provision of Family Planning Services (MAPS) and 246 family planning clinics throughout the country, and it is only necessary to bring official identification, request the history clinic, go with a family member or companion and preferably wear a testicular jockstrap or tight trusa; In some cases, if necessary, psychological support is given to the patient before and after performing the procedure.

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