IMSS doctors save the life of a pregnant woman with double heart disease

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In the High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) “Dr. Antonio Fraga Mouret” of the National Medical Center (CMN) La Raza of the IMSS, their specialist doctors saved the life of one pregnant patient who suffered from double heart disease that endangered her life and that of her baby.

To his 25 years and when she got pregnant, Abigail's heart She began to show signs of decompensation and her situation became increasingly critical as the pregnancy progressed due to a "double heart defect" that she had suffered since childhood.

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The joint work of the areas of gynecology, intensive care, chest surgery and cardiology in the design of a personalized treatment plan that addressed the specific needs of the beneficiary, allowed your baby was born in stable conditionsTherefore, both will be discharged soon, said Janet Mijangos Chávez, head of the Cardiology service at the UMAE.

During pregnancy, the heart undergoes certain hemodynamic changes due to blood redistribution. This is a normal and physiological process that occurs in women during this stage. However, in cases of heart disease the heart may not adapt and present arrhythmias or heart failure, which may cause death,” the specialist explained.

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