IMSS delights patients and workers of the Gynecology-Obstetrics Hospital with chiles en nogada

IMSS delights patients and workers of the Gynecology Obstetrics Hospital with
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Staff from the Nutrition Department of the Gynecological-Obstetrics Hospital No. 4 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) prepared 600 chiles en nogada for the workers of the medical unit and 200 personalized rations for the hospitalized patients, within their meal plans. with the intention of offering you a traditional and healthy dish.

Within the framework of the celebration of the national holidays, Minerva Lara Fuentes, Head of the Nutrition Department of the High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) No. 4 “Luis Castelazo Ayala”, pointed out that the rations intended for the beneficiaries had a control of the ingredients, so that they consumed them according to their eating plans.

He stressed that people must maintain a specific eating plan and modify the necessary quantities to avoid health risks.

Lara Fuentes indicated that the motivation for making this recipe of Puebla origin is “to celebrate the national holidays as a hospital, not because we are a hospital we are left out of these festivities and part of this represents teamwork, empathy, solidarity, positive attitude” to give you joy to the patients who are in this medical unit.

The Social Security specialist highlighted that the planning of this dish took a month and three days to prepare. The chiles en nogada for the staff had approximately 450 calories, they were avoided and were prepared with traditional ingredients such as poblano chile, ground beef, almonds, walnut, apple, pear, perón, peach, raisins, cream, parsley and pomegranate. .

The head of the Nutrition Department of the Gynecology-Obstetrics Hospital No. 4 highlighted the work of her entire team, who participated from the reception of food, prior preparations, cooking and distribution of food to both patients and UMAE workers.

Minerva Lara invited the population to celebrate the Independence of Mexico and traditions in a controlled manner, in order to avoid health effects from consuming large quantities of food.

“In this case, we are dedicated to Nutrition and we can take actions to modify the preparations, which reduce the consumption of sugar, fat and salt so that it is healthy,” he said.

The patients admitted for various medical issues appreciated the gesture of the Nutrition staff who made an effort to prepare personalized rations within their meal plans.

In this regard, Alma Janet, a patient hospitalized for two weeks due to complications in her pregnancy, expressed that she has had good care from the nutritionists and it is nice that they took the time to give them this dish, because being hospitalized they miss the festivities, but through food they have a little piece of traditions.

For her part, Jade, a patient hospitalized to monitor her pregnancy with triplets, thanked the nutrition staff because, in addition to taking care of her nutritional needs for her and her babies, they offered them typical food on these national holidays and with proper management within your meal plan.

“I am very excited, apart from here we always want to try something different, we really crave what is out there, even now that the national holidays are coming one misses being with the family, with coexistence,” he added.

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