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Climate change continues to manifest itself with devastating effects in different parts of the world, and September of this year has strongly demonstrated its impact, leaving unprecedented temperatures in various countries. Japan, along with European nations such as Austria, France, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, has experienced its warmest September on record.

The Japan Meteorological Agency revealed that the Asian country recorded its hottest September since statistics began in 1898. The average temperature during the month was 2.66 ºC higher than usual, making it a historically hot period for the nation. These data are part of a year that is projected to be the hottest ever recorded in human history, which reinforces the urgency of actions against climate change.

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Meanwhile, in Europe, the story is no different. France, for example, has experienced an increase of between 3.5ºC and 3.6ºC above the reference period of 1991-2020, according to Meteo-France. This alarming increase has brought the average September temperature in the French country to around 21.5ºC.

The United Kingdom is not far behind either. The British country has equaled its own record for the warmest September since records began in 1884.

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These alarming figures reflect a global trend: the planet is warming at an accelerated rate., and the consequences of not taking drastic measures could be devastating. Heat waves, sea level rise, extreme weather events and biodiversity loss are just some of the challenges we face.

Climate change experts emphasize the need for joint action at the global level, emphasizing the importance of complying with international agreements such as the Paris Agreement. The time to act is now, and September has come to remind us of the seriousness and urgency of the situation.

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