Immigrant child needs your support to go to the National Taekwondo Championship

In the midst of the covid pandemic, Aarón Guilarte, a Venezuelan immigrant boy, surprised his parents when he told them that he wanted to do what he saw in Cobra Kai, a martial arts television series, which is a sequel to the original Karate Kid.

Three years later he has become a California Taekwondo State Champion, and now he needs your financial support to go to a National Championship in July. We invite you to help him achieve his dreams by making a donation to the site: Help me go to Taekwondo National 2023.

"Our son has always liked watching Taekwondo videos, above any cartoon," says his mother Sikiu Guilarte; while Aarón confessed to his father Rafael Guilarte, his dream of being a world Taekwondo champion.

Taekwondo is an Olympic sport based on a Korean martial art that involves kicking and punching techniques, and offers many physical and mental benefits for children who practice it.

Rafael and Sikiu Guilarte emigrated from Venezuela and settled in the city of Bakersfield, California. Aaron was in his arms when he was just a few months old when he arrived in the United States with his parents, who emigrated in search of a better life.

“We lived on an island, a paradise in Venezuela, but we didn't have a job,” says Sikiu.

Aarón Guilarte, a passionate boy of Taekwondo. (Courtesy)

When their son told them about his desire to learn martial arts, his parents enrolled him at a nearby location. He was then 4 years old. Despite his young age, Aaron quickly became passionate about Taekwondo.

"At 6 years old he was already a black belt, which is the highest level in colors, but when he wanted to start competing, we took him to another school that would allow him to participate in championships."

His mother describes the minor as a passionate child. “When he won the first championship, he started crying with emotion. When I asked him, what was wrong, he told me that fighting was his dream”.

His father considers that his son advanced a lot and fast in Taekwondo because he is very disciplined and dedicated. "In each test he always excels, to the degree that he is always set as an example for other children."

And he adds that a characteristic that distinguishes his little son is that when he wants something, he can hardly be persuaded.

"After his practices, when he has a competition, he stays at home for at least another hour getting ready."

Aarón Guilarte a child dedicated to Taekwondo. (Courtesy)

Share that they as parents always support him. "He is a super kind and affectionate child," says his mother, who also reveals that practicing Taekwondo has helped the child a lot. “He had excess energy and was not well behaved. He liked to fight and always hit something. Since he has been practicing Taekwondo, it is incredible to see the change he has had. Our son found what he likes and he has learned to be disciplined”.

His father completes by saying that his little son, now 7 years old and a third grade student in elementary school, has stopped being impulsive.

“Since he was 5 years old, he has competed with other children of his age and weight; and now that she has already approved all the tests until he reached the black belt, which is the highest color, he already began to do the 10 degrees (degrees), whose tests They are per year.

Aaron has 10 championships: He won a silver medal at the US Open, is a California state champion in the Tiger category, and won a gold medal at the AAU State Qualifier.

“For all this, he got the honor of being invited to two Taekwondo national championships that will be held from July 2 to 11 in Florida,” says Rafael.

Aarón Guiliarte has been practicing Taekwondo since he was 4 years old. (Courtesy)

And he talks that they have always covered the costs of their son's training and competitions, but this time that the championships are held in Florida, on the other side of California, they are asking for the support of the community to pay the expenses.

“Aarón deserves to participate in these championships. He is a disciplined boy and dedicated to training. When his friends are playing; sometimes, he can't join them because he's training. And if he has to drop a pound to be ready to compete, he stops eating junk food or candy to meet the weight requirement. So he puts everything on his side ”.

Aaron's parents are in sales. Even Rafael says that he has gone to work as an Uber and Lyft driver to support his son with the expenses of his training.

“He makes us quite proud of his achievements, and he puts all his love into training. We really believe that he can go far ”.

Aarón Guilarte with his father Rafael Guilarte. (Courtesy)

That's why they called on the community to help their son with whatever funds they can to travel to their competitions.

“With your donations, they will help him get closer to his dream of being the next Taekwondo world champion. He has said that when he grows up he wants to be a Taekwondo master. He actually already helps other kids advance to other colors.”

The family has opened a GoFundMe account for donations:

“Our goal is to reach $3,500, but we barely have $500. Hopefully they will support us because we are an immigrant family struggling to make our way in this country and give our best."

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