"I'm tired of irresponsibility" recruiter cries because no one came to the interview

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TikTok has become a social network where thousands of people share their thoughtsthis has caused some of them to go viral for their controversial opinionssince sometimes there are those who share the way of thinking, but there are also cases in which they do not and they receive a large amount of negative comments.

Recently, a user of TikTok shared an experience in his work as recruiterthe problem is that she recorded it when she was excited and emotional because of what just happened, this caused him to will viralize and that he received comments with divided opinions.

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VIDEO: recruiter explodes because no candidate came to the interview

The user @helloadrianatijuana has been dedicated for some time to being recruiterbut being the mother of a three-year-old child and not having the support of someone to take care of him while she works, she decided to practice this profession independent From your home. However, recently she had a situation that ended his patience and took her to crying.

It has been a torment, it is a torment to work recruiting people, every day the people are getting worse, super irresponsible, they don't arrive (...) and there I am always making my stupid face with the clients"

According to what the recruiter tells, what happened is that organized an interview schedulefour people confirmed their attendance and no one arrivedwhich made her feel bad: "I'm incredulous, that's the word... fed up and disgusted is another, I can't believe it because the one who's doing like a fair is me with the client."

@helloadrianatijuana What recruiters no longer want to keep quiet about #quehartazgo #irresponsabilidad #recrutamiento #humanrecursos #cambiodeprofesion #yano original sound - HelloAdrianaTijuana

Finally, he reflected on the commitment and the lack of this in some people, which ends up affecting others, not to mention the pressure that is exerted on them: "If you don't want to do things, don't do them, but don't waste people's time. I depend, my income, my salary depends on you arriving"and explained that the job is not paid until the candidate is within the company.

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"I exploded and I loved it": recruiter uploads another video talking about the viral clip

After the viral video was shared in social networks and received both criticism and messages of supportthe recruiter shared a second clip giving a update of what happened following that publication and why was it a good thing.

Everyone met me hysterically and it's okay, nothing happens because it's part of my responsibility and that's cool, I exploded and I loved it. The position was filled, finally there were people (...) a second round of interviews was done to which three out of four arrived, it was good and the client chose"

@helloadrianatijuana Look at the end… it flew away! #telefonovolador #quemiedo #bloopers original sound - HelloAdrianaTijuana


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