"I'm not alone": Joana Sanz, wife of Dani Alves, celebrates her 31st birthday with a message of motivation and gratitude

A few days later visit Daniel Alves in jail and serving 31 years, Joana Sanzthe still wife of the soccer player, who has repeatedly stated her sentimental separation with the player, despite the fact that their divorce has not been made official, celebrated his recent birthday with a message on social networks in which he expressed his feelings and he advised people who are going through complicated situations like his.

Here I am, 31 years oldhealing knife wounds, rebuilding myself from the ashes, starting again”, She started her text, in which she clarified to those who think that she is alone, that it is not like that and that she is very grateful to those who have supported her in these difficult moments: “It would be very ungrateful of me to say alone, because I'm not alone. I am letting myself be loved by those who love me well and better, appreciating each hug or each gesture and returning it with my best version ”, she continued.

Immediately afterwards, Sanz described that it is resurfacing and that, Although she could be completely undone, she fully knows her abilities and her value as a person, for which he also advised all his followers who are going through difficult times so that they do not collapse.

Unlike many broken people, I know my worth. Never stop knowing your value. Nothing and no one has the power in their hands to devalue you, it is you who allows it. Repeat to yourself every morning who you are and what you deserve, only then will you live life as a genuine being and not a mediocre one," he said.

Finally, the model was used as an example of what she had just described and She stressed what gives her value as a person and as a woman.

This woman who is here is not for the insecure. I am strong, intelligent, with ambitions in life, self-sufficient, loyal, noble, real, thoughtful and the rest, it can already be seen with the naked eye”, he concluded.

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