Illegal wiretapping system denounced during Macri’s government | News


The controller of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) of Argentina, Cristina Caamaño, reported this Thursday the discovery of 105,000 audio tracks archived by the agency illegally, during the mandate of former President Mauricio Macri, considered a violation of the Law of Intelligence of the country, modified as Law 27,126.


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According to the entity, the illegal wiretaps were stored by a computer program, Sidea, being saved to be used at appropriate times by the Macri government.

Likewise, the also president of Legitimate Justice denounced that the Directorate of Judicial Assistance in Complex Crimes and Organized Crime Judicial Branch (Dajudeco), subordinate to the Supreme Court, sent telephone conversations to the AFI, using a digital address with a point-to-point system. point.

“Although at first glance the interceptions could have been ordered by the judges, the volume shows that they were not destroyed once delivered to justice, conversations were stored that in many cases were not of interest for the investigations,” the statement said. Agency comptroller, Cristina Caamaño.

In this sense, the Internet link made it easier for the AFI to receive the audio tracks online in a record time of less than 24 hours; and by not being destroyed once its function expired, it made the procedure illegal before the Intelligence Law of the South American nation.

“The Agency led the investigation before the jurisdictional authority, promoted the telephone interception, transferred the judicial order to the Dajudeco, proceeded to the transcription, processed the information and, both the audio and the transcript, were stored, without processing before the pertinent authority. the final destination of the stored material”, communicated the judicial authority.

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