Ignoring protocol, the president of Armenia has his photo taken in front of Elizabeth II’s coffin | Video


Since last Wednesday Hundreds of English people attended the funeral chapel in Westminster Hall to say their “last goodbye” to Queen Elizabeth II and there were 11 days in which details were fine-tuned for the state funeral of the sovereign that took place this Monday, September 19.

That is why diplomats, world leaders and members of Royal Houses from all over the world appointment in the great hall that precedes the British Parliament to say goodbye to the sovereign.

However, it was the first president of the Republic of Armenia, Vahagn Khachaturian, who generated controversy by breaking the rules inside Westminster Abbey and be photographed in front of the coffin of the representative for seven decades of the British crown.

One of the main rules that attendees had to comply with inside the venue was just use the cell phonebut the president of Armenia decided to pose in front of the coffin of the sovereign to be photographed.

“The rules are extremely simple. We simply ask people to behave with respect and do not take pictures. Everyone has been able to abide by those rules to the letter, except for this person,” a source told the news outlet. “The Sun”.

Through social networks, the video was broadcast in which one of the politicians closest to Vladimir Putin can be seen bowing to the coffin, while one of his attendees take out their cell phone to photograph it.

Until now, no position is unknown regarding this breach of rules by the president. It is worth mentioning that the Mexican foreign minister, Marcelo Ebrard, was also the target of criticism recently after taking a “selfie” at the funeral of Elizabeth II.

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