Ignacio López Tarso almost becomes Macario again

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The short film They're herewhich is part of a trilogy, will be released on November 3 in the capital of Veracruz, before it participates in the Great Mexican Film Festival of Guadalajara, Jalisco, in which it will seek the Minerva Grand Prize.

Miguel Polanco, director and screenwriter, told Excelsior that this short could have been the last one made by the actor Ignacio López Tarso.

“We already had it agreed, he surprised us because, in a very simple way, he told us yes. He was excited about the idea and we were about to have him impersonate Macario again,” he explained.

They're here It was written for him to make an appearance for just a few seconds and when they approached his representative and one of his children, he received the response from the actor himself:

“I will never forget, my throat is knotted. He told me, very happy: 'Look, I don't have money, but I never imagined that someone would propose to me to do Macario again. I want to do that, even if it's small.'”

However, the covid pandemic and the complications derived from his health ruined his participation and although he was no longer there, there is a tribute in his memory.

"The trilogy They're here It combines legends from Xalapa, the horror genre and, apart from that, the Mexica cosmogony. It became a hodgepodge in a script that I wrote from the first to the third part. "People really liked it," he said.

They're hereas a segmented story, has won awards for Best Horror Short Film at the Ciudad Madero International Film Festival and mentions in Spain, France and Argentina, in addition to that, along with the short film The last chronicleabout murders of journalists, are on a Latin film circuit, which tours throughout the continent.

Miguel Polanco's film career has been one of twists and turns. In 2009, he made a short film that, in an exercise of self-criticism, he assured that it was totally experimental and that he will not show it anymore, but it opened doors for him.

At the end of 2019, he formally resumed with the short Lazarus, based on a novel of his authorship that has not been completed, but which helped him to write the script. In 2020 he did The cure, which also screened Xalapa for foreign filmmakers. It was presented in Argentina, Chile and the United States. In Europe it reached Portugal and Spain.

In this one, there is a spectacular scene in which an apocalypse is projected, which even surprised the authorities who had granted the permits, as they could not imagine the magnitude of the project in which they closed three kilometers around in the heart of the city. .

“We ended up setting cars on fire, getting dirty, then we cleaned up, of course; I remember that the Tourism Secretary commented that they did not imagine it would be of that magnitude, but it served as an echo for other productions to want to come and record.”

The cure He left him three awards and honorable mentions.

From this, he was invited to give lectures at film schools and forums to talk about the advantages of Xalapa as a location, which he believes, in addition to projecting Veracruz as a niche of opportunity, serves as a springboard for young talents, as he bets to be formally a generator of jobs in the state.

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