Ifigenia Martínez supports Yoshio Ávila as a candidate for Acapulco

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Ifigenia Martínez, senator from Morena, supported Yoshio Avila, in his aspirations for Municipal Presidency of Acapulco, Guerrero, by this same party, during the citizen forum: “Participation of women in democratic life.”

During your participation, the senator recognized Ávila as a young man capable of continuing withn the transformation of the portso he asked women to support him, to support his candidacy towards the next municipal elections.

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“I must also say that I recognize a free young man, whom we women must support, so that, with his honesty, preparation and capacity, the transformation is stronger here in Acapulco”mentioned the social fighter.

For its part, Yoshio Avilarecognized the senator's career, as well as the impact that her career has had on other women, whom she called “giant of political and social history”, and took advantage of ask attendees for their confidence in governing the town.

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“I address all the women, and all the people of Acapulco, be absolutely sure that I will know how to honor these bastions with the principles that you have inherited from us. I take on the challenge, when the time comes, to champion with greater force, with greater effectiveness, the transformation that Acapulco deserves.”emphasized Yoshio Ávila.

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