If they share a mattress they are of the same condition

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Ruben Cortes.

The saying goes: “Two who sleep on a mattress become the same condition”. Anyway, we must not forget that they are criminals, invaders and repressors, the main ideological allies of the current Mexican government: Russia, Cuba and Venezuela.

For example, the International Criminal Court yesterday reopened the investigation for crimes against humanity of the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro, the most recent guest of honor of the Mexican president at the National Holidays. The previous one was the dictator of Cuba.

Díaz-Canel, the dictator of Cuba, is a ruler appointed by a tyrant who lives in retirement on a farm, through which a train that he had built himself passes nearby. Díaz-Canel, the president of Mexico, gave the honor of the main speech on September 16.

And the Mexican is the only president of a democratic country that refused to impose economic sanctions on Russia, in condemnation of the armed invasion of Ukraine with conventional troops and mercenary gangs, such as the infamous Wagner.

In fact, Mexico is the only government in Latin America, along with the dictatorships in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, that supports Russian President Vladimir Putin, standing by as the world puts pressure on Russia.

So it speaks ill of the Mexican president that, yesterday, the international court in The Hague reopened its investigation into the crimes against humanity of his ally Maduro, who now has 1,875 new accusations of murders and rapes of all kinds.

Let us remember that, since September 16, 2020, the UN also considers the guest of honor of the Mexican president as a "murderer against humanity", for, until then, killing 5,094 opponents and illegally detaining 3,479.

An international commission headed by former Chilean leftist president Michelle Bachelet, determined in a 443-page report that those directly responsible for the murders are Maduro, his number two, and the Venezuelan military leadership.

"These crimes were coordinated and committed in accordance with State policies," the UN report determined. Later, the ICC began investigations into Maduro's atrocities on November 3, 2021.

In addition to murder, it involves torture "to extract confessions or information, telephone and social media passwords, or to force a person to incriminate themselves or others, particularly high-profile opposition leaders."

Venezuelan opponents who are not killed are "subjected to positions of stress, suffocation, beatings, electric shocks, cuts and mutilations, death threats and psychological torture, with the direct support of senior government officials."

We must insist: they are allies of assassins.

Do not forget.

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