If he loses the “Truko”, Head goes to the pot


Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

Three weeks before the elections for governor of Tamaulipas, the current president, Francisco Javier Cabeza de Vaca, launched a fierce dirty war against the candidate of the Morena-PT-PVEM alliance, Américo Villarreal, who heads the electoral preferences in the northern entity .

Cabeza de Vaca knows perfectly well that if he loses his candidate and compadre, César Verastegui “El Truko”, he cannot stand an audit of the new administration and this time, without jurisdiction, he will go to the pot, which the Financial Intelligence Unit could not do when it was in charge of Santiago Nieto.

That is why in recent days the Tamaulipas governor has dedicated most of his time to promoting the campaign of the tam candidate with mother, “Truko” his former secretary of government who, if he reaches the Government Palace of Ciudad Victoria, will he would remain with his arms crossed to guarantee the impunity of his boss.

The dirty war waged from the offices of Governor Cabeza de Vaca ranges from an alleged relationship that Américo had with Sergio Carmona, the huachicolero leader assassinated in San Pedro Garza García, to deposits of 20 million pesos that his son allegedly received.

The governor also threw all the meat on the grill to try to raise his candidate in the electoral preferences, as happened last Sunday when, with public resources, he led a large rally at the Corona Regatta Club in which exquisite paella was served for several thousand attendees.

The state president knows that the preferences only favor his candidate in the “duck” polls, because in serious measurements they give an advantage of more than 20 points to the candidate of the alliance Together We Make History headed by Américo Villarreal.

We will see that both the dirty war and the vices of the past, of the PANist take effect for the day of the election on June 5, otherwise, it is most likely that he will make the graceful flight on the last day of his term. We will see if Américo has enough guts and his legs are not trembling to proceed against him, of course, if he wins the June 5 election.


The Green Ecologist Party of Mexico filed a complaint with the Electoral Institute of Tamaulipas, (IETAM) in which it denounces the interference of Governor Francisco Javier Cabeza de Vaca in the electoral process that is underway in that entity… The Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation gave a new setback to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador violated the electoral ban and improperly used public resources from April 5 to June 2, 2021. The Court ruled that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador violated the principle of impartiality and equity in last year’s electoral contest… Teacher Jorge Ramírez, a major league political analyst, was appointed director of Francisco García Davich’s Quadratín company in Sinaloa. From here we send him a hug and we wish him much success in his new assignment…Arturo Herrera, the ousted Secretary of Finance of the 4T and mocked to head the Governing Board of the Bank of Mexico, was appointed as General Director of Government of the World Bank.

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