If Delfina wins, it will be because of the abuses of the PRI

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Hector Moctezuma de Leon.

According to the polls, the candidate of the "Juntos Haremos Historia" coalition (Morena-PT-PVEM) Delfina G贸mez is emerging as the winner in the race for governor, in this case as governor, of the State of Mexico next Sunday .

Let there be no doubt, if Delfina wins, it will be because of the abuses that over 90 years have been committed by the rulers and politicians emanating from the Institutional Revolutionary Party, which for more than 9 decades have plundered the entity with the largest population with impunity in the country and that despite its riches presents great lags, such as poverty and insecurity.

Without a speech, without proposals and, worst of all, without the capacity to assume such an important political responsibility, the teacher is shaping up to dispatch the next six years in the Government Palace located in front of the Plaza de los M谩rtires in Toluca.

Delfina G贸mez has not done anything relevant to take the lead in the electoral process that culminates with the election on Sunday; She is simply the beneficiary of the discontent that exists in the Mexican entity against the men who, sheltered by Carlos Hank Gonz谩lez, have, for the most part, mercilessly looted the State of Mexico.

The people of Mexico will not forget the excesses of the five-star PRI rats such as: Arturo Montiel -fortunately out of circulation- Emilio Chuayffet, Cesarito Camacho and the rat that was enough for the State of Mexico, but also at the federal level , the tenant of the exclusive Chamart铆n neighborhood of Madrid, Spain, Enrique Pe帽a Nieto.

Alejandra del Moral made her want but in two months of the campaign she failed to shorten the advantage that her adversary came out with, from the beginning of the proselytizing campaigns. Ale, as her relatives call her, never had a clear strategy, she left because of the interviews in the electronic media, the large concentrations, in recent days she has given herself up for bragging, that she reached and surpassed the opposition candidate, without any proof and also to dismiss the polls that, until yesterday, have the Texcocana as their point of view.

Tomorrow the campaigns end and only a miracle will be able to give victory to the candidate of the PRI-PAN-PRD alliance, despite the fact that like her opponent, she spent large amounts of money, more than the limit imposed by electoral law. Delfina and Alejandra spent a good part of what was budgeted just in the hauling of the campaign closings. The end of the PRI hegemony in Mexican lands is near.


What technical coup d'茅tat president? Coups d'茅tat are by force and only the military have that force, not the ministers, that is fully demonstrated in all the countries that the de facto governments have had to suffer and their consequences... Today during the meeting of the Commission Permanent Assembly of the Congress of the Union will carry out an unprecedented appearance, that of the Security Cabinet, with the presence of the Secretaries of Defense, the Navy and Citizen Security and Protection, as announced by the president of the Political Coordination Board from the Chamber of Senators, Ricardo Monreal... The fortune of the children of the Sinaloa governor, Rub茅n Rocha Moya, in the times of the 4T who promised to fight corruption, is 500 million pesos. Who Pomp贸? the countryman "Chico Ch茅" would say and that we listen to every so often from the National Palace as long as it is not about friends.

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