ICE arrested 138 convicted undocumented sex offenders in a nationwide raid

ERO officers capture a criminal alien during an operation.

Photo: Immigration and Customs Enforcement / Courtesy

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reported that he arrested 138 sex offenders in the United States during a nationwide raid conducted from October 22 to November 4.

Among the undocumented immigrants detained by officers of Execution and Deportation Operations (ERO) there are those convicted of sexual abuse of minorsincluding some with final enforceable orders of deportation.

“Sexual violence crimes are among the most under-reported in the United States – anyone can be a victim of this type of abuse, and our officers are dedicated to locating and apprehending known non-citizen criminals as part of their public safety mission.” said ERO Associate Executive Director Corey A. Price.

“ERO will continue efforts like these to remove unlawfully bystanders who have committed crimes against the innocent so they cannot continue to harm vulnerable populations within our communities.”

Cases subject to federal criminal prosecution will be filed with the appropriate federal prosecutor's office, the ICE statement said.

In the raid on criminals who have committed sexual abuse against minors, apprehensions were made in California, Washington, Texas and other states.

Among them are:

– A 65-year-old Mexican citizen in La Puente, California, convicted by the Pomona Superior Court of continuous sexual abuse of a child in March 2022
– A 61-year-old Mexican citizen in Richland, Washington, convicted by the Benton County Superior Court of child abuse in January 2020
– A 50-year-old Mexican citizen in Winnie, Texas, convicted by the Chambers County District Attorney's Office of sexual performance of a child in August 2022
– A 49-year-old Guatemalan citizen in Chicago, convicted by the Cook County Circuit Court of predatory criminal sexual assault of a minor in October 2017

In fiscal year 2021, ERO arrested 12,025 people with felony and aggravated felony convictions. Crimes associated with noncitizens arrested in fiscal year 2021 included 1,506 homicide-related crimes, 3,415 sexual assaults, 19,549 assaults, 2,717 robberies, and 1,063 kidnappings.

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