Ibai Llanos, gamer and friend of Gerard Piqué, is hospitalized in South Korea

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Ibai Llanos, the renowned Spanish streamer and content creator, surprised his followers by revealing that He was hospitalized in South Korea during his visit to the Asian country for Worlds 2023, the League of Legends World Championship.

The announcement came through his Instagram account, where shared a video detailing the health problems he faced. In this clip, he looks a little worried while recounting his experience in a Korean hospital. The news generated concern among his millions of admirers who are always aware of every step he takes.

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"I'm in a Korean hospital all screwed up. I'm sick, no, next thing," Ibai expressed in the video. According to his explanations, he went to the emergency hospital over the weekend due to his health.

Although he did not delve into the causes of his illness, He assured that he feels "a little better" and that the doctors prescribed him antibiotics. However, the side effects of the medications were not mild. Ibai shared that experienced confusion and drowsiness due to the amount of pills that they gave him in comparison with those you normally receive in Spain.

"They sent me a lot of pills. Here it is different, in Spain they give you one or two pills that are used for several things and here they give you six," commented the Twitch content creator.

The streamer, recognized for his transparency with his followers, continued explaining that, although he has been asleep and tired all day, you begin to feel improvements, indicating that the antibiotics are working.

Ibai did not go into details about the causes of his illness, but he reassured his fans by thanking them for awaiting his participation in the 2023 Worlds. This intervention is awaited with great anticipation, and his followers will be attentive to any updates on his health and his participation in the event.

The news of Ibai Llanos' hospitalization highlights the vulnerability of content creators and streamers, who often face health challenges while maintaining such an active lifestyle. The community of fans of the popular streamer will be awaiting any updates on his condition and wish him a speedy recovery so that he can continue with his usual activities.

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