IAPA condemns the murder of two Haitian journalists


The murder of two Haitian reporters by the Inter-American Press Association (IAPA) was described as “brutal”, which condemned the incident and demanded “immediate arrest and prosecution” of those responsible by the authorities.

The journalists, Wilguens Louissaint and Amady John Wesley, were killed in a shootout at the hands of armed gangs from Port-au-Prince in Haiti on Thursday while covering a clash between gangs in the capital. A third journalist survived the attack but his health status is unknown.

Through a Press release, Jorge Canahuati Larach, president of IAPA condemned the event, which, according to him, “confirms that chaos and violence reign in Haiti after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in July of last year. “

The news of the crime against communicators comes a day after the UNESCO Observatory of Murdered Journalists revealed that in 2021 some 55 journalists were killed around the world and that most of the deaths occurred in two regions: Asia-Pacific, with 23 murders, and Latin America and the Caribbean, with 14.

The killings also come at a time when Haiti has for months been under increasing pressure from gangs whose influence has largely extended beyond the deprived neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.

The Laboule 12 area, where the three journalists came to report on Thursday, is the subject of intense fighting between various armed gangs. According to the Center for Analysis and Research in Human Rights, an organization based in Port-au-Prince, at least 950 kidnappings were recorded in the country in 2021.

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