“I wasn't feeling well, I was kind of weird today”: Chiquito Romero's striking confession after Boca's penalty shootout victory against Talleres

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Definition by penalties Talleres vs Boca - Argentine Cup

Accustomed to being the hero in every penalty shootout he faced Boca Juniors in the semester (against Nacional, Racing and Palmeiras for Copa Libertadores; and against Almagro in Copa Argentina), this time, Sergio Romero He was almost a spectator. Or, rather, as Marcos Rojo pointed out, he won with presence. Because Xeneize won 4 to 1 (after equaling 1-1 in the 90 minutes) against Córdoba Workshops, who deflected two shots in the shootout from 12 steps. Thus, he advanced to the semifinal of the federal competition. And Chiquito was the first to hug Valentine Boatauthor of the last shot and who kept the flashes.

The 36-year-old goalkeeper saw how they finished outside Nahuel Bustos and Gaston Benavidez, who paradoxically had beaten him to score 1-0 in the initial half. They both tried to shoot him by kicking him up. But they didn't hit the rectangle. “I think they hit him very violently today; It is also a mental game, they did not know how I was today,” said the former Racing, Sampdoria and Manchester United player, in some way announcing a confession.

“I told my teammates that I was going to make the effort to save one or two penalties, I didn't feel at all well, I was down. Luckily, the guys from Talleres did not score the goal and that helped me, and the guys were precise from the 12 steps,” he revealed.

This discomfort could be seen in a couple of gestures during the game, such as the change of gloves. Or before the start of the series of penalties, when, after speaking with Javi Garcia and Fernando Gayoso, goalkeeper coach, threw in the towel. Is it part of concern for a particular day or annoyance at the squandered chances that once again placed him at the center of the scene?

“I wasn't feeling well, I was kind of weird today. My colleagues did a great job and helped me,” she simply said. “We did a great job, we should have passed in the 90 minutes, we had to suffer on the way back, and we got the classification we came for. I don't know if we played the best game, but it was a great game. The coach there found the system, the one that will work best for us, we have to continue down this path, nice things are coming,” he analyzed.

Chiquito was the first to hug Barco after the decisive penalty (Fotobaires)
Chiquito was the first to hug Barco after the decisive penalty (Fotobaires)

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