'I want to help her!'; with story of 'La llorona' child bursts into tears

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On TikTok a child has gone viral for his reaction to the Mexican myth of 'La llorona', because to the surprise of all users the child cries and He feels sorry for the woman in the story who will never be able to see her children again.

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The story of 'La Llorona' tells how a woman dressed in white, after drowning her children in a river, is condemned for all eternity to walk the streets crying for not being able to find them. Frequently, the myth is told to scare children and is part of national folklore. Some even say that if you hear the cries of this spectral being of hers you should not leave her or look at her, because it is impossible to escape from her.

However, the boy in the TikTok video responds completely differently than usual: The infant is moved by the story of La Llorona and, like her, criesbut he does it out of sadness that the woman in the story will never be able to see her children again.

La Llorona can't find her children... And I want to help her," says the boy in the TikTok video.

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Users of the social network were amazed by the empathy shown by the child.

The real thing: these children are no longer scared by anything," commented @Keo.

La Llorona: You are the friend I always wanted. Come give me a hug," wrote Fanny Camarena.

Another commented:

The boy in the middle of the night asking the crying woman 'where was the last time you saw them? So beautiful'.

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The short video features 4.9 million views and 860 thousand likes.

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