'I want to be yours forever': Laura Pausini

'I want to be yours forever': Laura Pausini
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SEVILLE.— Laura Pausini cried, applauded loudly and even recorded what she saw on stage with her cell phone.

Like a restless child, the singer got up from her place to get a closer look at whoever performed her songs. She cried again, sent them kisses and made a heart with both hands.

On a stage set up in a large hall of the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of Seville, Fibes, Carin León sang with Vanessa Martín and Mon Laferte did a majestic duet, she with guitar in hand, with orchestra and musicians, and Christian Nodal, from As if we had not loved each other.

It was an emotional evening, music and a lot of good vibes in which Laura Pausini was recognized as the Person of the Year 2023, by the Latin Recording Academy.

She is the third woman to obtain this award after Gloria Estefan and Shakira, a fact that the Italian recognized to the president of the Academy, Manuel Abud, for "demonstrating that the role of women is very important in the music industry."

During the two-hour gala, artists suggested by Laura took the stage to honor her with their songs, but in the particular style of each of the performers.

Around 10:30 p.m. a flamenco dancer burst into the venue to start the show with an opening that left everyone speechless.

Alejandro Sanz, together with India Martínez and Ana Mena, made a medley of Welcome and Loneliness. From that first moment, tears fell down her faces, as well as Laura's.

They were not drops of sadness, but of having connected with the themes that she began to write as a teenager and popularized since 1993, once she won the San Remo Festival, the greatest achievement of her career. She always says it and maintains it.

And his compatriot, the tenor Andrea Bocelli, also sang with the song She (Equal to lei)of course in Italian and strange loves came in the voice of Vanesa Martín and Sonoran Carin León, whose teeth shone every time she opened her mouth, due to the metallic-colored veneers she wore. Among some songs, videos were shown of singers with whom Laura has worked, such as Juan Gabriel, and also testimonials to congratulate her, such as Michael Bublé, Wisin, Marc Anthony, Gente de Zona, Gilberto Gil, Diane Warren (with whom she won a Globe Gold and an Oscar nomination for the song Io Yes), Josh Groban, Gloria Estefan and Juan Luis Guerra.

The vallenato rhythm was also present thanks to the version of I want to tell you that I love you made by the Colombians Fonseca, Silvestre Dangond and Carlos Vives.

David Bisbal and Luis Fonsi sang the hit Unforgettable and Pablo López and Antonio Orozco, Pablo Alborán and Elena Rose also joined to perform (Io Yes), Reik (Between you and a thousand seas). The Brazilians Tiago Lorc and Anitta achieved a Portuguese version in bossa nova with the lavish trumpet of the Cuban Arturo Sandoval, much applauded.

And before the end, He went away in reggae rhythm and some urban with Beret and Danny Ocean; Pepe Aguilar and Ángela Aguilar gave a heartfelt interpretation of Start from zero.

At the end of the song, Pepe approached the edge of the stage, where Laura was, and thanked her and her father, who was at the same table. Mr. Fabrizio Pausini stood up, greeted the Aguilars and exclaimed “father and daughter, just like you and me,” a fact that moved Pepe.

Once the concert ended, an hour and a half later, Abud and Fonsi presented Laura with the 2023 Person of the Year award, for her outstanding musical career and her altruistic commitment.

For 30 years I have had a very privileged life, not only because I have the pleasure of being able to sing in Spanish, but because, since that day, I have felt adopted by all of you as a daughter, sister, a person from your family environment.

That feeling that I experience, although I know that I do not have the same blood, I know very well that I have parents, uncles, brothers, sisters who have raised me from a teenager until now, giving me the possibility of being the most Latin Italian in the world! he shouted to receive a standing ovation from the concert guests.

Here is my father, Fabrizio, the original Pausini. Without everything he has given to my mother I would not be here... congratulations on that night, dad! Well done!, she said jokingly the singer.

To my mother, thank you very much, because she is very shy, very elegant and she is going to be very angry, because I talked about my father's sperm.

Thanks to my record label, as I, being a Taurus sign, are the most faithful... and I have not left (to others) when they have offered me more money. Just so you know, I haven't taken anything,” Pausini stressed with a laugh. Now, he promotes his album parallel souls.

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